March 7, 2010

My baby's 16th Birthday cake

Wow this cake is bright!!! 
Morgan will be 16 tomorrow and really wanted a shoe cake ...
So I made the shoe hand.
It says LIVE in rhinestones.
I also made the makeup, powder puff, nail polish, and ipod from fondant.
I did not make the cake though...sigh. 
My oven stopped working on me. What the duece?? 
So, I called up Korgers and ordered a double 8 inch round at the last minute.
 Thanks Jennifer for all of your help. I owe you one. 
The border is a gumball border made of fondant.. pretty easy really.
Morgan loved it and I hope you do too....


  1. That cake is fabulous - it must have taken you hours to color, roll and cut the fondant. What a labor of love.

  2. Amazing! Have I already mentioned the Cricut Cake? I can't recall so go check out this link, it will be wonderful for your cake making fun! There is a video you can watch :)

  3. That shoe is too pretty to eat! Great job!

    What days will you be in Warrenton? Hope to see you!

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. My oven also stopped working!!!

    What a awesome cake! You did such a great job!


  5. Oh my gosh- you make such wonderful cakes!!! Happy Birthday Morgan!

  6. easy?? O my!! that is a sweet sixteen to remember for sure!! Happy Bday to Morgan, a lucky girl!!

  7. It's gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! What an amazing amount of work you have put into your cakes. I hope your oven gets fixed soon.

  8. Beyond impressive. Wow! Definitely ordering my cake through you...August 4th is her b-day. Did I book in enough time? Lol.

  9. Oh my! This is fabulous! Happy Sweet 16 Morgan! ~ Angela


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