March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday my little one

Happy 16th Birthday to my baby girl...
(I am trying not to cry as I type this)
Happy Birthday Morgan.
Wow it only seems like yesterday that I placed you in your car seat and brought you home.
You were so tiny and very beautiful. From birth I knew that you had your own personality.
You oozed independence !! You didn't cry for anything but the basics ..diaper changes and bottles. 
Even then you were fearless. 
Morgan, you have grown into a lovely young woman who I know will achieve anything you set out to do.
Continue to place the Lord first and foremost in your life and you cannot fail. 
I miss the little girl who use to wear curly pigtails ...I will always keep that little one in my heart.
But I am excited to see where the young lady who stands before me today will go.
Happy 16th Birthday Morgan Nicole!!! 
Mommy loves you!!!! 


  1. This is a HUGE one momma, but you already know that. Happy b-day Morgan!

  2. Oh my............ who's car keys does she get to take off with now? heehee

    Happy Birthday Morgan!!!!! Misty - I'm sending you hugs!!!


  3. Oh Happy Birthday to your sweet baby, they grow up so fast don't they! We will be celebrating my oldest son's birthday this Friday, 28 to be exact. Hope she has a great day, T

  4. AWww!! I hope you and your daughter enjoy the day!!!


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