March 22, 2010

bless her little sole!!

Sorry I haven't been around much.
I have been job hunting like crazy!!! And when I am not glued to search engines I have been working on cakes.
I have a baby shower cake due next month and thought I would try my hand at these....
tell me what do you think? 
They are made from gumpaste and a template I found online.
Talk about tedious...
The baby shower colors are yellow and lavender.
These swweties will adorn the top of a double 8" cake covered in yellow fondant.
There will also be cupcakes in yellow and lavender with matching fondant flowers on them.
That same day I am decorating a princess cake for a birthday party. 
I get super excited planning cakes but right as I start decorating them I get nervous.
I don't know why..maybe it is stage
Please feel free to leave me some feedback...
I look forward to it.


  1. I think that sounds like the cutest cake ever!
    hope you have a sweet day:)

  2. I wish just thinking about you this morning. Oh, those baby botties are fantastic. They will be so impressed. So, I am not kidding anymore (not like I ever was). Since you are taking custom orders, I am going to need one for Layla. Come the beginning of August. I am thinking a Carnival Dreams party is in store, but I am not positive yet! Will you do it????

  3. Those little shoes are adorable! And, you made them!! You are good--those previous cakes are fabulous.

  4. You will make them awesome!!!

  5. Love it.. great idea...
    Have a great weekend..

  6. sounds like it'd be a really cute cake. :]

  7. I love it! so beatiful, you are so talented

  8. These are just the sweetest. And the Birthday cake for your darling daughter, you're a real artist Misty! Miss hearing from you.
    Hope your job search is going well.
    Hugs and blessings,


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