March 29, 2010

wow what a week...

sorry about the pic..I took it on my phone.
It has been a whirlwind week..
for starters I go back to work this Wednesday..Yeah!!!
I could easily see myself being a stay at home mom but I have never not worked.
So I am excitied about going back to work.
Secondly, I have been making some more cakes.
Saturday was such a lovely day that I decided to make a cake and my own buttercream.
It was delish!!!! When I got to the decorating part...I got lazy.
Don't judge me...I was tired by that point.
But I think it still turned out purty!!!! 
I pray that all is well with all of my bloggy divas.
I want to tell you thank you for being amazinf prayer partners and friends.
I could not make it this past weekend but I heard all about it and want to see pictures ladies!!! 
Please continue to pray for me as I will for you. 
All of you have truly been a blessing to me !!!
Well, hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go!!


  1. Buttercream <3 I think your decoration look great, better than anything I could do ;)

  2. All your cakes look just wonderful, Misty!

    I missed you last week, see you in the Fall for sure. :-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. hey! have fun at work! i hope it doesn't suck so much energy out of you (if it's not fun) that you don't feel like baking all those wonderful cakes!

  4. I think your cakes look fantastic! Have a great week!

  5. it is purty. i hope you've been enjoying work, and that it's not keeping you from baking.

  6. Girl,your cake is gorgeous. I used to decorate cakes, but too hard on the back, but it was fun. Can't wait to see more. Happy to hear you are going back to work. Wish I could, but being disabled has some advantages---I get to work on crafts for myself and my giveaway, so go check it out and read my comment about what the winner will receive extra. Hugs, Pat


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