March 29, 2010

wow what a week...

sorry about the pic..I took it on my phone.
It has been a whirlwind week..
for starters I go back to work this Wednesday..Yeah!!!
I could easily see myself being a stay at home mom but I have never not worked.
So I am excitied about going back to work.
Secondly, I have been making some more cakes.
Saturday was such a lovely day that I decided to make a cake and my own buttercream.
It was delish!!!! When I got to the decorating part...I got lazy.
Don't judge me...I was tired by that point.
But I think it still turned out purty!!!! 
I pray that all is well with all of my bloggy divas.
I want to tell you thank you for being amazinf prayer partners and friends.
I could not make it this past weekend but I heard all about it and want to see pictures ladies!!! 
Please continue to pray for me as I will for you. 
All of you have truly been a blessing to me !!!
Well, hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go!!

March 22, 2010

bless her little sole!!

Sorry I haven't been around much.
I have been job hunting like crazy!!! And when I am not glued to search engines I have been working on cakes.
I have a baby shower cake due next month and thought I would try my hand at these....
tell me what do you think? 
They are made from gumpaste and a template I found online.
Talk about tedious...
The baby shower colors are yellow and lavender.
These swweties will adorn the top of a double 8" cake covered in yellow fondant.
There will also be cupcakes in yellow and lavender with matching fondant flowers on them.
That same day I am decorating a princess cake for a birthday party. 
I get super excited planning cakes but right as I start decorating them I get nervous.
I don't know why..maybe it is stage
Please feel free to leave me some feedback...
I look forward to it.

March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday my little one

Happy 16th Birthday to my baby girl...
(I am trying not to cry as I type this)
Happy Birthday Morgan.
Wow it only seems like yesterday that I placed you in your car seat and brought you home.
You were so tiny and very beautiful. From birth I knew that you had your own personality.
You oozed independence !! You didn't cry for anything but the basics ..diaper changes and bottles. 
Even then you were fearless. 
Morgan, you have grown into a lovely young woman who I know will achieve anything you set out to do.
Continue to place the Lord first and foremost in your life and you cannot fail. 
I miss the little girl who use to wear curly pigtails ...I will always keep that little one in my heart.
But I am excited to see where the young lady who stands before me today will go.
Happy 16th Birthday Morgan Nicole!!! 
Mommy loves you!!!! 

March 7, 2010

My baby's 16th Birthday cake

Wow this cake is bright!!! 
Morgan will be 16 tomorrow and really wanted a shoe cake ...
So I made the shoe hand.
It says LIVE in rhinestones.
I also made the makeup, powder puff, nail polish, and ipod from fondant.
I did not make the cake though...sigh. 
My oven stopped working on me. What the duece?? 
So, I called up Korgers and ordered a double 8 inch round at the last minute.
 Thanks Jennifer for all of your help. I owe you one. 
The border is a gumball border made of fondant.. pretty easy really.
Morgan loved it and I hope you do too....

March 1, 2010

She likes it.. she really likes it!!

I fininshed the cake. 
My mom liked she looooved it!! 
She loved it so much that she did not want to cut it. We had to convince her to do so.
Hope you like it too...
I am going to be working on my daughters cake this week. 
Morgan is turning 16....
When did this happen?? 
It's true what they say.. time waits for no man.
Happy 59th Anniversary to my parents!!!